“ Overall, this is a great debut from these veteran rock n’ rollers, giving the listener plenty of styles to chew on.”
- Divide and Conquer, August 2019


Meet the band

Calle Engelmarc - Lead guitar and vocals (The Fits, The Members)
Alex Love - Vocals and rhythm guitar (Slippers With Structure)
Dave Broderick - Drums and vocals (The Fits, Pure Pressure, The Last Of The Teenage Idols)
Ricky McGuire - Bass and vocals (The Fits, U.K Subs, The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Killer B’s)

Brief history

It started in 2014 when Dave, Rocky and Calle were playing together in the latest incarnation of seminal British punk rock band The Fits (now dormant). When the group broke up, Carl, Ricky and Dave continued to write songs and record demos with no other goal than just to have fun and see what happened. Dave’s mate Alex Love heard some tracks and offered to help with lyrics and vocals, and Rocket 66 was born!

The Future

Rocket66 is now busy with rehearsing and recording their debut album together with record producer Dave Allen (The Cure, The Mission, Sister Of Mercy and more!). The sessions start in March and the album will be released on CD, Vinyl and Streaming in the early summer of 2019.

We’re now busy filling up or calendar with gigs so let you know if you want us to come and make a racket.